If you’re in business, you need a website.

The good news is, we’re making it easy to get started.


Professional Design

Your website will be professionally designed to get your business started online by providing all the vital information about your business that both potential customers and search engines need to know.

Built for Growth

Our One Page Starter Websites are perfect for small businesses that need to get started online but want the flexibility to build more onto their website as their business grows.

Mobile Friendly

With more Google searches happening from mobile devices than computers and users becoming frustrated with nonmobile friendly websites, being mobile friendly is a must.


Simplified Communication

Companies spend a lot of money producing brochures and other print media to spread the word about products and services. Having a website allows you to direct people to a place online where they can actually connect with your brand and find out all about what you have to offer.

Increased Marketing Opportunities

The internet opened up a whole new world of lower cost marketing techniques.  By having a website, you’re actually able to take advantage of more low-cost digital marketing options by having an informative, professional online location to drive those increased consumer leads to.

Increased Customer Base

More than 2.4 Billion people use the internet every day.  Approximately 90% of those people have contacted a company or made a purchase from a company after visiting that company’s website.

Added Business Value

Having a professional website increases your business’s perceived value to consumers.  According to Smart Insights, 48% of consumers assume that a company doesn’t care about their business if they don’t have a website.  When someone is considering your products or services, one of the first things they do is “Google” you.  If they can’t find your website, they’re more likely to assume your business is less professional and go to a competitor.


Social media for brands is full of limitations.  On Facebook, it’s becoming more and more challenging to push content to followers organically, which leaves brands with no choice but to utilize paid advertising.  Additionally, you’re not in control of what a social media platform does. A social media platform, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, could make a change to their systems and algorithms that could have a negative impact on your reach, or even leave your business in the dark.



At Raine Digital, our passion is helping you thrive in a digital world.  Because of this, our heart is behind everything we build.  Everything we build is built with both you and your consumers in mind.  This isn’t just during the development phase, but also through maintenance and growth.


As your business grows, your website should too.  We know that you may be starting out with a starter website, but you probably also have a big vision for the future!

Whether you want to add a blog or open up a full online store down the road, we’ll be here to help you take those next steps.


We build our sites on platforms and frameworks that allow you to expand your website as you expand your business.  This means you don’t have to start all over with your website when the time comes to expand!


Because of our passion to help you succeed combined with our streamlined processes, you’re able to get professional, customized solutions from a digital agency at the same price as many do-it-yourself template website services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $50/mo fee for?

The internet is such an active digital world.  New technologies are constantly being released that have an impact on how websites are read by web browsers and search engines.  The software and applications it takes to make a website function are constantly updated to maintain the best possible security against malicious activity.

The monthly service fee includes your website hosting (the server where your website is hosted), monthly security updates (maintaining updates on software, platforms, and frameworks, website analytics (so you can see how much traffic your website is getting), regular website backups (for added peace of mind), website monitoring (we’ll know if your website goes down or has suspicious activity), and of course our service & support (to answer any questions you might have, and troubleshoot any problems that may arise).

What if I need to cancel?

Should you need to cancel your service with us, you can do so anytime by canceling your subscription service.  Your website will no longer be live for the public to see.

We will keep your website files for 90 days, in case you’d like to reactivate.  After 90 days, a new set up fee would be applicable.

Can you use a website domain that I already have?

Yes!  We’re happy to work with customers who already own their website domain.  During the development phase, we will use a temporary domain to show you the website and get your feedback.  Once the website is ready to launch, we’ll send you the information you need to point your domain to the server your website is hosted on.  Don’t worry, if you’re not sure how to do that our customer support will be happy to assist.

I don't own a website domain, how do I get one?

If you don’t already own your website domain, we offer a domain purchase service.  With this service, we purchase and manage your domain.  This service costs between $25 and $100 per year, depending on the type of domain you’d like us to purchase.

When I'm ready to expand my website, how much will it cost?

Website expansion varies from business to business, and this is where a higher level of customized website development comes in.  However, we love working with small businesses to help them grow, so we strive to maintain affordability all along the way.

So whether you need to incorporate a blog later on, incorporate email marketing, or expand in any way, you can upgrade to a more customized solution at any point!

So rest easy knowing that we’ll work with you as your business grows to make sure your website can too, without breaking the bank!

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to get in touch anytime.